Samahang Marista

The Samahang Marista is a lay branch of the Society of Mary in the Philippines. It started in Davao in 1991 by Pat Devlin SM. The name connotes that as a lay Catholic, group members are called to foster and live the Marist spirituality in their personal lives and share it to their own family, co-workers and others. The members come from different backgrounds and walks of life.

Samahang Marista Digos and Davao During their joint Advent Recollection.
Samahang Marista Digos and Davao During their joint Advent Recollection.

They are united together by their Christian identity and mission which spring up from Baptism; conviction of having a significant role in the Church and Marist Spirituality which they live out in their family, and places of work. Members are nourished by their monthly gathering, community meal, Marist spirituality input/talk and faith sharing, spiritual exercises such as retreats, recollections, socialization activities and apostolate.

The Samahang Marista is present where the Marists live and work. Working with Marist Fathers, they work and assist at the Jail, and Rehabilitation Centers.

At the moment, Samahang Marista members are present in Davao City and Digos City.

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