The Marists in the District of Asia are committed to the protection of children and vulnerable persons. We are committed, with integrity and compassion, to dealing promptly with any allegations of sexual misconduct made against the members of the Congregation.


  1. We adhere to the principles and procedures of the “Pastoral Guidelines on Sexual Abuses and Misconduct by the Clergy” of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) in so far as they apply to religious.
  • We also adhere to the principles and procedures of Catholic Bishop Conference in Thailand (CBCT).
  • We also follow in the guidelines provided by the Marist General Administration.
  • We also follow the laws of the Republic of the Philippines and Kingdom of Thailand or any countries in Asia where the Marists are working.
  • We note (a) the very high place of the religious and the priest in Asian (Filipino and Thai) Society and the high degree of trust placed in them, (b) the difficulty in the culture of abused people making complaints against religious and priests.

If you have any concerns about the care and protection of children please be encouraged to make contact with the people responsible for Child Protection:

Fr. Gil Casio, SM

Mobile: +63 921 324 0385