Matti Community – Digos

The Marist Fathers have been working in Digos since 2004. At that time, they lived in Clarion St and worked as chaplains  to the National High School and in the Prison Ministry.

In 2012, at the request of Bishop Afable, the Marists moved five kilometres outside of Digos City to the area of Fatima, Matti, to minister to 24 chapel communities. These chapels now form the Matti District Catholic Community (MDCC). MDCC belongs to the Cathedral Parish of Mary Mediatrix, Digos, but the plan is that it will eventually become a parish in its own right.

The members of the Marist Community in Matti are:



Fr. Christopher Thadeos R. Ganzon, SM is from Lebak, Sultan Kudarat. He has worked in prison ministry, Campus Ministry and Formation. He has joined community in June 2017.

Pat Muckian 2015



Fr Pat Muckian SM is originally from Ireland. His first assignment following ordination in 1979 was to Norway. Fr. Pat has been in the Philippines since 1994.

Fr Arnold Garferio SM is from Midsayap, North Cotabato. He was ordained in February 2013 in his hometown of Midsayap.  He has come back from his renewal in Australia and will soon join the community in December 2017. He will be the District’s Vocation Director and Marist Laity Animator.


The Samahang Marista (Lay Marists) help the priests in their Prison Ministry, as do the members of the chapel communities.

The people are excited about new beginnings and are looking forward to experiencing together the Church as a community and with a mission to reach out to those in need.

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