Lay Missionary volunteers to Marist Mission in Thailand

“As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” These were some of the words that Jesus said to his Apostles after he was risen.

These words remind us of our own calling as missionaries.

The Society of Mary here in Asia is very much blessed with its partners and collaborators who are brave and generous enough to say “Yes” to the call of Jesus to be missionaries here in Asia.

Last April 20, 2017 we wish Bon Voyage and Blessings for Sharmaine Anne Alcantara as she flies to Thailand today to be a volunteer and join our mission in Ranong, Thailand.

Sharmaine is one of our Lay Marists and a public school teacher, who has been driven to be a volunteer teacher in our Marist Asia Foundation’s Education Program.

We thank God for Sharmaine’s courage and willingness to serve the poor and vulnerable children of the migrants in Ranong.

All the best Sharmaine.

Bon Voyage!



MMR’s Staff Development and Team Building Day

The team tries the neutralize a toxic substance.
The team tries the neutralize a toxic substance.

The Marist Mission Ranong (MMR) Team held a 2 day Staff Development Day last October 24-25, 2013. The purpose of this gathering was to review what the team has done for the last 6 months. The teams from each programme shared the Good News, and Challenges from the last months and its Hopes for the future of MMR.

After the day of reflection and sharing, the team geared itself for the next months. They went to Bang Bin, Ranong for the team building activities. Everyone was really on a high spirit as they took the different challenges of the activities. At the end of each activity, everyone had the opportunity to reflect and to share what are the essential values that MMR staff and volunteers need to develop in order for them to carry out effectively its service to the displaced Burmese migrants of Ranong.

Many of them appreciated these activities because they were able to appreciate and to acknowledge everyone’s contribution to MMR as a whole.

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Fourviere Pledge: 197 Years of Renewed Commitment to the Work of Mary!

The words of the Fourviere Pledge with the signatures of the members of Ranong Community.

Last July 23, 1816, 12 young men (probably of my age) climbed the hill of Fourviere to make a promise to our Lady, to found a religious order dedicated to the sweet name of Mary. This vow was sealed by their strong energy and passion to renew the suffering church of France after the French Revolution. This tradition is one of the familiar treasures of the humble beginnings of the Society of Mary.

197 years had passed and the renewal of the loving face of Church is still on its way. As Marists, we start to reflect on how can we in flesh that same vision that the early confreres had when they made this promise.

Today, in the presence of our Marist Volunteers and Lay Missionaries, the Ranong Community did the reenactment of this promise. After reading the Word of the Pledge, we affixed our own signatures and promised to commit ourselves once again to our Mission here in Ranong.  The same celebration took place in Davao, Philippines. Fr. Pat Devlin, sm and the Bangkal Formation community re-enacted the promise and signing of the pledge.

This affixing of signatures is not just an act of a reenactment of what happened 197 years ago. As Marists, it is our own way of

Nino affixing his signature of promise.
Nino affixing his signature of promise.

participating to the greater work of God in Marys’ way. It is a way of sharing the love of Jesus to the marginalized migrants in Ranong; to the street children, prisoners and non-sectarian schools of Davao city; and to the people of Matti, Digos City.

Finally, it is a continual YES to the Work of Mary here in our District, and to the Mission of the Society of Mary as a whole..

Happy 197th Anniversary of Fourviere Promise to all the Marists around the world! May this celebration be always a sign of our continued and renewed love to the Project of Mary as Marists.



MMR celebrates ‘Teachers Respect Day’

MTP Year 3Each year in Thailand students celebrate ‘Teacher Respect Day’ by bringing flowers and saying thanks to their teachers.

The celebration was really very moving for our teachers, since, for some of them, it was their first time to be given such a beautiful programme in honor of their love and commitment for the education of the Burmese kids on the border.

Check out the celebration this week with our wonderful students and teachers at Marist Mission Ranong.

You can support our education, health and migrant programmes at



Marist College Seminarians extension house blessed!


On 3rd June 2o13, the extension house of college seminarians in Davao was blessed by Fr.    Pat Devlin, SM, District superior of the Philippines. Present in the occasion is Fr. Kevin Mowbray, SM, General Bursar of the Society of Mary from Rome. His presence meant a lot as he was one of the first Marists who came to the Philippines to implant the Society of Mary in 1981. This desire of implantation continues today with Filipino Marists handling the formation and new batch of seminarians training to be Marists.

The members of the formation community as well lay partners were present during the blessing. A simple and lovely dinner was shared after the blessing. Thank you for your prayers and support to the Marist formation community.




MMR’s Marist Centre officially opened

Mr. Buaking led the cutting of ribbon to officially open the Marist Centre.
Mr. Buaking led the cutting of ribbon to officially open the Marist Centre.

The newly built Marist Centre (MC) was officially opened last May 21, 2013. The said opening was attended by different Thai government authorities headed by Mr. Pritcha Buaking, the Director of the Ministry of Education of Ranong, Thailand.

The opening ceremony was started by the introduction of Marist Mission Ranong (MMR), as a catholic organization under the Suratthani Catholic Foundation, which was followed by the acknowledgment speech of Mr. Buaking. In his speech, Mr. Buaking thanked the whole MMR team for the wondrous service they extended to the Burmese migrant community  of Ranong

The next day after the opening ceremony, classes in highschool and kindergarten levels resumed.The students and teachers were very excited and delighted of the newly opened Marist Centre.  MMR’s Education, Health and Migrant Support Teams finally started to work together under one roof.



New Zealand Marist visits Davao City

On 18-21 April 2013,Kiwi Marist priest Fr. Fred Bliss, SM visited us for a few days here in Davao. He came down to Davao after he gave a talk on Mary and Ecumenism during the Mariological Conference held in Manila this week.

Fr. Fred is a professor of Theology in Angelicum University in Rome. After finishing his term as Provincial of New Zealand Province, he found a new life teaching for 22 years in Rome. He shared that during these years, he stays at Collegio Filipino, a home residence of Filipino Clergy and Seminarians living and studying in Rome.

It is always good to see and meet a fellow Marist and learn from his wisdom and experience.  We welcome him and wish him all the best in his sabbatical.