11 young men from the provinces of Maguindanao, Sultan Kudarat and Cotabato Province joined the Marist Interested College Students Formation Program for school year 2019-202.


In 15 June 2019, 11 candidates with their parents and some family members arrived in St. Peter Chanel Formation House.  During their arrival they were welcomed by Fr. Arnold Garferio S.M. the Vocations Director.  The first day of the new group of MICS was spent for the Parents’ and MICS orientation to the Marist Interested College Students Formation Program.  It was explained to the parents and MICS what will happen  during the formation program. The Marists’ expectations from the MICS, their duties and responsibilities in taking care of the facilities of formation house, and their privileges as young men in formation were also discussed.  Parents were also informed about their responsibilities and commitment to the formation of their sons.  In one of the discussions a parents expressed his appreciation of the privileges that the Marist share to form their sons.


Fr. Lauro Arcede, talked about the focus and priorities of the MICS formation process.  Fr. Roque Rebito informed the parents and the MICS about the cost of the formation of priests, he also emphasised the need for parents’ participation and support to fund the MICS formation.  Fr. John Guo, the in-charge of academic, emphasised the need to change the mind set about study from high school set-up to the university environment, he also challenged the MICS to achieve the scholastic requirement for MICS.


The Formation team emphasised to the parents that fostering vocation is everyone’s responsibility.  From witnessing a life of loving service to others, sharing a life of prayer and community building, each baptised Christian has a role to take to encourage and support a religious vocation.

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