First Profession to the Society of Mary

FB_IMG_1516289160056On January 18, 2018,  five young men from four nations make commitment to live as Marist religious. They are Josefo Amuri (Fiji), Jaime Perez and Carlos Olivares (Mexico), Christian Ngoura (Cameroon) and Timothy Hare (Solomon Island).

It is a grace-filled occasion. We witness the great desires of these young men to answer God’s call to follow Him. In doing so, they will be marked with new identity.

Fr. Pat Devlin in his homily says, “You will bear the name MARY. You will be called MARISTS. And the sign of that will be SM you sign at the end of your name which will help you to remember.” He also reminded the 5 newly professed Marists by other meanings which the SM stands for: (Serve Mary; Share Magnanimously; Share the Mission; Same Mind; Sacrifice Myself; and Still a Marist).

The Marist Family was all represented during the ocassion. Attending also the profession was the foster families of the novices from Digos,  friends from Digos and Davao and other religious men and women who the novices met during their Novitiate.

A lovely and simple meal was shared together by all the visitors.

The following day, the newly professed Marists travelled back to their own home country to continue their formation. They are grateful to all the prayers and support they have received during their time in the Philippines.

Heartfelt congratulations to you, brothers Cheers and blessings!

FB_IMG_1516289442704    FB_IMG_1516289191488



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