New leadership structure in the District of Asia.


For 36 years, the District of Asia has a unique structure in terms of Council since all the perpetually professed Marists are members. This kind of structure has helped and worked in continuing the life and mission of the Marist Fathers in Asia since today.

This year however, after an encouragement from the Superior General Fr. John Hannan, SM and careful discernment and deliberations amongst all members, the District will have its own elected council leaders. Thus, in July 2017, an election was held for the three councillors. The District Superior has already been elected in 2012.

The leadership team for the District of Asia is composed of:

District Superior:

Fr. Patrick John Devlin, SM


Fr. Christopher Thadeos Ganzon, SM (vicar)

Fr. Hermes Larry Sabud, SM

Fr. Lauro Arcede, SM

In 2017, history has been made as we start this structure in our administration here in Asia. We hope that you will pray for our leaders as they begin their duties and responsibilities. In spite of this small council, we still strive to be united and fraternally supportive with each other this year and the years to come.

Congratulations and all the best to the new leadership team!


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