Marist Bridge giving mercy and love

The group of former Marist seminarians who called themselves “Bridgers” held a reach out program to the people of Bandera in Digos City on December 4, 2016.

reach-out-9Led by their coordinator, Wilfredo Francisco, they travelled and spent time with the people of Bandera. The place is located on a mountain which is one of the areas served by the Marist Fathers.

The rain did not hinder the group to do the activity. They prepared food for the people and even gave some gifts and supplies. They had a wonderful time with the people who welcomed them in their place.

The group was very grateful to Fr. Pat and Fr. Arnold who welcomed them in Matti.  Theyreach-out-6 were also grateful for the many people and their friends who have generously shared financial and material resources to make the reach out possible and fruitful

Great initiative, Bridgers! You have given joy to the people of Bandera who were touched by your generosity and kindness. Continue to be an instruments of mercy and love to others.

Thank you also for supporting the Marist mission in Matti District Catholic Center.

Well done!
reach-out reach-out-2

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