Archbishop Romulo Valles Visits Balay Pasilungan

Ahbp Valles at BaPas

Arbp Valles preachesOn 8th February, Archbishop Romulo Valles celebrated Mass at Balay Pasilungan.

The Mass was in thanksgiving for the St Cecilia Choir of San Pedro Cathedral, who led the music and who had been involved in a fundraising concert at the Cathedral late last year.

Arbp Valles distributes communionDuring the Mass, Archbishop Valles spoke about Pope Francis’ challenge to the Church to go the ‘peripheries’, noting that this can be achieved by reaching out in mercy and compassion to those who are in need.

After dinner, Archbishop Valles met with Fr Lionel Mechavez SM, Director of Balay Pasilungan, along with members of the Board of Trustees, and presented them with some of the funds raised at the Cathedral concert.

Arbp Valles with BOT Arbp Valles with BaPas boys

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