Congratulations, Fr. John Pereira SM!

The beginning of 2016 has seen Fr. John Pereira SM celebrate two significant milestones.John Pereira's Birthday

On 4th January, Fr. John celebrated his 88th birthday in the company of friends and fellow Marists at the Dominican Sisters community in which he resides in Davao City.

John Pereira celebrates MassThen, on 3rd February, Fr. John marked 50 years as a priest.

Bishop George Rimando, auxiliary bishop of Davao, preached at the Mass which was presided over by Fr. John himself. A festive meal followed by song and dance was enjoyed by friends and members of the Marist family.

John Pereira's JubileeA member of the Province of Oceania, Fr. John has lived and ministered in the Philippines for most of his years as a priest.

Congratulations, Fr. John!

John Pereira with OP Srs

One thought on “Congratulations, Fr. John Pereira SM!

  • Hello, my name is Romolo Pereira from New Zealand. Fr John Pereira is my dad’s brother and I was wondering if it would be possible to get a contact email or telephone number for me to be in contact Fr John Pereira please. My email:


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