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Pope Francis Drop-In Center Blessed

Pope Francis Drop-in Center blessing settingBalay Pasilungan, the Marist home for street children in Davao City, has expanded its ministry with the opening of a drop-in center.

The Pope Francis Drop-In Center, an extension to Balay Pasilungan’s residential program, was blessed on 6th April. A large number of friends and benefactors attended the blessing.

Pope Francis Drop-in Center blessing - cutting the ribbonMarists in attendance included Fr Kevin Stewart SM, Director of Marist Mission Centre (MMC) Australia. MMC, a generous benefactor of projects throughout the Asia-Pacific region, funded the construction of the Pope Francis Drop-In Center.

The Drop-In Center will care for boys who come in straight off the streets and are not yet ready for Balay Pasilungan’s more structured residential program.

Pope Francis Drop-in Center blessing- chd danceGuests at the blessing were entertained by the talented young residents who sang and danced. Director Fr Lionel Mechavez SM acknowledged those who have supported Balay Pasilungan throughout its 26-year history, and asked that this generosity be continued and extended to the Drop-In Center.

“Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me” (Mark 9:37)

Pope Francis Drop-in Center blessing- triplets dance   Pope Francis Drop-in Center blessing- staff and chd sing