Letter from France #1

Dear friends,

LaNeyliere040I’m writing to you from La Neyliere, France, where Fr Chris Ganzon and I are taking part in the Colinian Renewal Period.  The course commenced on Jan 16 and will finish on June 15. The participants feel very privileged to be in La Neyliere, where Fr Colin wrote the Constitutions and lived for 21 years.

A very cold winter with snow is part of the renewal experience.

Colinian Renewal GroupThere are 11 participants from ten different countries. It has been very enriching and encouraging to meet Marist confreres from Africa, the Pacific, Europe, America and Colinian Renewal ClassAsia.  The presence and the sharing of mission experiences remind us of the internationality and diversity of the Society of Mary.

Recently we visited the historical places of Jean-Claude Colin and Jean-Marie Chavoin. It was very moving to see and walk in the Colin cross birthplaceplaces where Fr Colin was born and grew up.  We better understand now the life and spirituality of Fr Colin, having seen the places of his childhood during the French Revolution.

We had also the opportunity to visit St Jodard Minor Seminary, which produced 37 Marists.  Fr Colin entered this seminary when he was 13 year old.

Kabs and confreres at La NeyliereWe’ve also just recently completed a 15 day retreat, during which we prayed for our confreres, friends and benefactors throughout the Marist world. Please continue to pray for us.

God bless,

Fr Kevin Medilo SM

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