Commemoration of Fr. Jean Claude Colin 139th death anniversary

IMG_4206On 15th November 2014, Fr. Jean Claude Colin, the founder and spiritual father of the Society of Mary had died 139th years ago. He was born on August 07 1790 and died on 15th  November 1875 in France at the age of 85.

We remember Fr. Colin’s death anniversary with a simple prayer and fellowship honoring God because of his life, his dream and his vision to form a new religious order bearing the name of Mary and called themselves “Marists”. This religious order would be like a tree with many branches: priests, brothers, sisters and lay people that would live and do the work of Mary to the marginalized and abandoned.

Marists all over the world remember this special day thanking God for the gift of Fr. Colin to the Church, to the Society of Mary and to the whole world.

In Sydney, Australia, Fr. Long and Fr. Gil  celebrated with Marist confreres in Villa Maria as well as with the Marist Sisters.

May the life and vision of Fr. Colin continue to inspire all Marists and to live the Gospel in Mary’s way.

Fr. Colin pray for us!















gil long







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