Fr. Paul Martin Visits the District

DSCF7329Fr. Paul Martin, a Marist priest from New Zealand arrived in Davao for a short visit. Fr. Paul who is an educator by profession has been engaged in education ministry in New Zealand especially in administering some of the Marists schools in New Zealand.

This is not his first time to visit Davao particularly. He visited Davao in 1999 to visit Fr. Damian Dempsey, who was still a seminarian on pastoral immersion that time. He visited Marist missions at that time such as in Kalabugao. We could not imagine how he was able to manage to ride a motorbike going up to Kalabugao considering his height and built. But God always make a way!

Fr. Damian will tour him around Davao and also to visit some of the Marist places. We wish you luck Fr. Paul! Enjoy your short visit!

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