S & L Marist Course in Australia underway

1977228_10152761240034549_7291299983777745575_nOn 6th October, the Spirituality and Lifestyle Course in Sydney, Australia kicked off with an opening mass at the Holy Name of Mary Church, Hunters Hill, Sydney. There were 8 participants: 6 coming from Oceania and 2 from the District of Asia. Participating in the course from Asia is Fr. Long and Fr. Gil.

This 10 weeks Marist Ongoing Formation course is provided for Marist priests and brothers who were ordained/professed for 5-12 years. It is a time to address issues of spirituality and lifestyle, to affirm personal and Marist identity and to strengthen a sense of mission and ministry.

The content of the program is the following:

  1. Spirituality, prayer day, spiritual direction, directed retreat10325383_814288231928154_4130127472977078076_n
  2. Scripture studies, personal and pastoral/cultural reflection
  3. Marist mission and hospitality with Marists in Sydney
  4. Positive Lifestyle program, Professional Standards 
  5. Health test, physical activity/social activities

The S&L program is being held at the historic place of Villa Maria, Hunters Hill, Sydney, Australia.

We wish Frs. Gil and Long and the other participants for a fruitful and refreshing time!

Blessings and enjoy the course!

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