Holy Name of Mary feast celebrated in Asia!

 10552371_863310280346998_4800490367886454119_n“Like Mary, choose to be brave!”This is the theme of this year’s Marist Feast Day celebration of the Holy Name of Mary in Davao on September 13. The Marist Family together with their friends and mission collaborators gathered together for mass, food, parlor games and entertainment. About 300 people attended the celebration.

One significant part of the celebration was the sharing of couple Ronald and Thata Lida of their missionary experience in Ranong, Thailand. Many were moved by their courage, commitment and love for each other as well as for the Marist Mission in Asia.

10665234_863310943680265_153591146730968840_nOn the 12th September, the prisoners of Maa-Davao City Jail had their own celebration too. There was a mass followed by a simple entertainment given by the inmates themselves as well as gift-giving of slippers, soap and food. We thank all those generous people who shared their blessings.

Meanwhile, In Ranong, Thailand, Marists and their mission partners had come together to celebrate the Holy Name of Mary feast on the 12th September.. They had a mass and a table fellowship afterwards.

May we continue to live and share the Gospel in Mary’s way in our world!

Happy feast day to all!

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