Pinoy Marists get together for bonding

IMG_2412 The Marist Fathers are having their council meeting from 4-6 August 2014 at Colin District House. Part of the meeting is a time for everyone to catch up with one another on the life and ministries they have. On the evening of the first day, instead of the usual dinner together, we had our “Marist ethnic group fellowship dinner” wherein the Filipino priests come together and the Ex-pats having their own group too. Each group chose the place which they want to go.

It was a fun and lovely evening, sharing stories while enjoying the lovely food served at the restaurant. We seldom do this kind of fellowship and so we take the opportunity with grateful and joyful hearts!

Now our spirits and bodies are filled up, we are now ready to go for the next hurdle!

vikings 1  IMG_2404





IMG_2407   IMG_2421







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