Marists commemorate Fourviere Day!

IMG_1975Marist Fathers and seminarians gathered at Chanel Formation House in Davao on 23 July 2014 to celebrate the Pledge of Fourviere.

Fr. Kevin Medilo, SM, the Superior of the Community in Thailand reports that they had a “good and simple celebration” in Ranong.

On 23rd July 1816, twelve seminarians climbed up the Chapel of Our Lady of Fourviere to commit themselves to founding a Society dedicated to the most august name of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Some of these were Fr. Jean Claude Colin (Founder of the Society of Mary), St. Marcellin Champagnat (Founder of the Marist Brothers of the School), Fr. Etienne Declas and Fr. EtienneTerraillon. These four out of twelve persevered for the project.

198 years had passed and this same pledge had been remembered and celebrated by all the Marists of today. It is always a wonderful moment to recite the pledge and affix our own signatures. How blessed and grateful are we for all the Marists who have lived and died for this commitment out of love for the Church and the Gospel. Without their inspiration and commitment, the Society of Mary will never be as it is now.

Happy and blessed celebration of the Pledge of Fourviere! Cheers, confreres!!!!

Fouviere Ranong 1 IMG_1983






IMG_1988 IMG_1997






IMG_1990 IMG_1995






IMG_2014 IMG_2005

















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