CCMD held 8th Inter-school gathering and fellowship!

IMG_1896The 8th Inter-school Gathering of the Non-sectarians schools in the Archdiocese of Davao was held last 16th July 2014 at San Pedro Cathedral. It started with a Eucharist presided by Arch. Romulo Valles, DD and concelebrated by priests who help in the CCMD. Almost 10 non-sectarians schools with their administrators and students participated in the celebration. The theme of this year’s inter school gathering is “Choose to be brave: Called to be saints. Sent forth as Heroes.”

Part of the mass was the rite of sending forth for the  4th year seminarians of St. Francis Xavier College Seminary who will be teaching catechism to RMC and Agro schools. The CCMD staff, facilitators, volunteers and coordinators of religious activity were also sent forth. They committed to be good and faithful evangelizers of the Gospel to all.

After the mass, a table fellowship for the Adminstrators, staff, seminarians, volunteers was held with some entertainment. Certificates of Appreciation were also given to the schools who attended this year’s 8th inter school gathering.

We continue to ask for your prayers upon all the non-sectarians schools in Davao and a fruitful year for CCMD. Thank you very much.

IMG_1782 IMG_1792


IMG_1892 - Copy



IMG_1804 - Copy IMG_1837


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