Fr. Larry Duffy, SM visits the Philippines

   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Fr. Larry Duffy, SM, Vicar General of the Society of Mary arrived in Davao on 4th June 2014 for an official visit of the District of Asia as well as of the English International Novitiate. He will also participate in the meeting of MAP (Marist Asia Pacific) leaders in the 3rd week of June.

Fr. Larry has been a long time member of the District. He came in 1984 to the Philippines and had worked in Marbel and Davao City. He left the Philippines in 2006 to go to Peru to take leadership of the District. He has been in the leadership of the SM for more than for 12 years now.

The District of Asia is delighted and happy for his visit. He has many friends in the Philippines who are looking forward to his coming.

Welcome Fr. Larry and may you have a wonderful and meaningful time in Asia. Maayong pag abot!








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