“Marist Asia Foundation” in Ranong approved!

foundationaFr Kevin Medilo (Director) and Kru Prasit Rugklin (Principal) proudly show the official Thailand Government documents approving Marist Mission Ranong to operate now as a Charitable Foundation called ‘Marist Asia Foundation’.

Fr Kevin, Director of Marist Mission Ranong, shared it has been a long but worthwhile journey to become a Foundation. We officially received approval on the 30th May 2014.

This is wonderful news for us as it recognises on a National and Local level the work we do among the Burmese Migrant Community.

For the past several years Marist Mission Ranong has been operating under the Surat Thani Catholic Foundation, which has enabled the project to begin and establish its programmes serving Burmese Migrants needs in Education, Health and Migrant Support in Ranong.

Becoming a registered Foundation in Thailand provides our work with a legal identity and protection and is another step toward sustainability.

Kru Prasit, who has been heavily involved in meetings with Government officials and providing the proper documentation required shared his delight in getting final approval.

It raises our profile in the local community of Ranong. To be granted Foundation status in Thailand is special as it known among Thai people that you are truly serving the community and are not seeking profits or self interest in the works that you do.

As an organisation it allows us to process work permits and visa applications for staff and international volunteers who come to assist us in our work.

We are grateful to our new Board Members, local Thai supporters and many generous people for their continued support and commitment.

For the past seven years many Burmese migrants refer to us simply as MMR, the shorter form of Marist Mission Ranong.

In the near future the signs outside the school, the labels on the school vehicle and website will all show the new logo. What remains unchanged is the name and the spirit: Marist.

Good news indeed for all Marists in Asia!


MAP leaders meet in Davao, Philippines!

IMG_1609Marist Asia Pacific (MAP) leaders are gathered for their annual meeting in Colin District House, Davao city from 16-20 June 2014. Attending the meeting are Frs. David Kennerly, sm and Neil Vaney, sm from New Zealand province; Frs. Bob Barber, sm and Pete McMurrich, sm from Australian Province; Frs. Ben Mackenna, sm and Pio Waqavotuwale, sm from the Province of Oceania; and Frs. Pat Devlin, sm and Christopher Thadeos Ganzon, sm from the District of Asia who host this year’s meeting. Also in attendance is Fr. Larry Duffy, sm from the General Administration Rome.

The leaders are welcomed by a simple liturgy in which the leaders lighted a candle symbolizing there places of origin and were given a silky necklace and Davao caps.

Before they begin their formal meeting, the group went for an island hopping to relax and enjoy the cold water of Davao.

The MAP meeting starts on Wednesday. We ask you to pray for the success of this meeting and hoping that it bears much fruit for the life and mission of Marists here in Asia Pacific.

We welcome our confreres and may you have a wonderful time in Davao! Mabuhay!

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IMG_1551 Novitiate

Fr. Rory Mulligan, SM visited Philippines

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Irish Marist priest Fr. Rory Mulligan, SM arrived in Davao two weeks ago. This is his 2nd time in the Philippines the first was in 2007. He had seen many changes and beautiful things around. He has visited all the Marist communities in Davao. He was very  happy to see again his co-irish confrere Fr. Pat Muckian who lives and works in Digos.

He has been a missionary in Norway for 45 years and will go back to Norway after his time in the Philippines. He is living in a Parish with other 3 Marists priests.  Part of his time here is to see a Norwegian novice Nicolai who is in the Novitiate program this year. He also spent some time with Fr. Al Botero, DCD who worked in Norway for 7 years who is backed in Davao now.

He was touched by the way Marists worked with the unforgotten such as those inmates in the jail and poor people living in squatters area.

Fr. Rory will celebrate his 75th birthday in September this year. So we wish him more blessings in his Marist life and his work in Norway.

We thank Fr. Rory for spending time with us. Blessings to you Fr. Rory!



Fr. Larry Duffy, SM visits the Philippines

   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Fr. Larry Duffy, SM, Vicar General of the Society of Mary arrived in Davao on 4th June 2014 for an official visit of the District of Asia as well as of the English International Novitiate. He will also participate in the meeting of MAP (Marist Asia Pacific) leaders in the 3rd week of June.

Fr. Larry has been a long time member of the District. He came in 1984 to the Philippines and had worked in Marbel and Davao City. He left the Philippines in 2006 to go to Peru to take leadership of the District. He has been in the leadership of the SM for more than for 12 years now.

The District of Asia is delighted and happy for his visit. He has many friends in the Philippines who are looking forward to his coming.

Welcome Fr. Larry and may you have a wonderful and meaningful time in Asia. Maayong pag abot!








Marco arrived in Davao City

20140531_093415 - CopyOn 31 May 2014, Marco arrived in Davao City from China. He came to Davao city to learn English as he prepares for his college study. He was met by Long Mechavez, sm. He will be staying in Colin District House. Marco will begin his language study in June.

We pray that he will learn the language quickly to enable him to converse with other people. It is good to see a young Chinese man wanting to learn English in his life. It will certaily help him in the future.

Welcome Marco and all the best for your language study!

Marco 2