Balay Pasilungan celebrates 25 years of caring for street boys!

IMG_8719In a festive and joyful spirit, Balay Pasilungan celebrates its silver jubillee anniversary on 4th May. Prior to its big day, the center conducted a free clinic to the sick and needy children who live near the center. Generous doctors, nurses and volunteers generously attend to the needs of the children. Free check-ups and medicines were given to those who came for the medical mission.

And on the 4th May, the big day started with a celebration of the Eucharist presided by the founder of Balay Pasilungan Fr. Pat Devlin, SM. His brother Fr. Rob Devlin,SM, the second executive director of Bapas flew all the day from New Zealand to attend the anniverary. Marist priests concelebrated also in the mass attended by many people who are associated with the center.


IMG_8637After the mass, the site of the new Balay Pasilungan Drop-in center was blessed as well as the newly constructed classrooms. These projects are made possible through the generous benefactors from Australia and USA.

A simple program followed where people who have helped and supported the Balay Pasilungan over the years were given recognition. Through their services and generosity, Balay Pasilungan is what it is now: a place of family, welcome and love.

The boys also shared their talents in singing, dancing and acting through a short film which tells their story and hopes in life.

Balay Pasilungan started on May 04, 1989 as a drop in center for the boys in Barrio Sexy at Claveria, Davao City. Today, it’s no longer a drop in center but a home for 3o boys who have been abandoned by parents or ran away from home and roamed the streets with nowhere to go. The boys go to school and now taken cared of by the staff and volunteers.

IMG_3493We thanked the many people who have given their time and services to the Balay Pasilungan over the last 25 years. We are grateful to the Marist Sisters, Marianist Fathers and Brothers, the Board of Trustees, the Marist Family, benefactors, sponsors, volunteers, friends and staff. We also thank the more than 1400 boys who were served and made Balay Pasilungan their home and family. We thank the 30 boys who are currently living in the center. Their stories, dreams and hopes compel us to be more generous, more loving and caring to the less priveledge of the society. And lastly, we thank God for his unending love and graces bestowed to the Balay Pasilungan for 25 years. We believe that Balay Pasilungan will endure because it is truly blessed and it is the work of God and of Mary. We ask your prayers and support!

Remember: “ We only live once, but when do it right, once is enough”.

Blessings and congratulations to the Balay Pasilungan for this milestone! Cheers!

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