Marists in Davao celebrate the Feast of St. Peter Chanel

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMarists in Davao gathered in Dumalag Formation Community to celebrate the feast of St. Peter Chanel on 28th April. A simple liturgy was prepared which was participated by the members of the District as well as by the new college seminarians and Matti Parish volunteers. After the prayer, the Marists went out for dinner and fellowship.

St. Peter Chanel is the first Marist priest to be canonized as saint. St. Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Brothers of the Schools was the other Marist saint. St. Peter Chanel was born in France and set out with a group of priests to Western Oceania to proclaim the Gospel. He arrived in Futuna in 12 November 1837. With courage,zeal and patience, he and his companions preached the gospel and many were converted to the faith. This conversion angered the chieftain of the island that paved the way for his martyrdom. On 28 April 1842, he was clubbed to death after preparing the King’s son for baptism.  However, 5 months after his death, the entire island had been converted to Christianity. He was beatified as a martyr in 1889 and was proclaimed saint in June 12,1954 by Pope Puis XXII. He is the patron saint of Oceania.

The feast of St. Peter Chanel is memorable to the District of Asia not only because of his heroic and exemplified life as a Marist missionary  but also because many of the Filipino Marists were ordained or took their first profession of vows on this day.

Let us be inspired by his life of courage, faithfullness, and gentleness.. May his prayers and example call forth from our midst many workers for the Gospel, so that God’s Kingdom may reach to the ends of the earth. St. Peter Chanel pray for us.

Happy feast day to all!



















Fr. Tim Costello, SM visits Philippines

securedownloadKiwi Marist priest Fr. Tim Costello, SM has arrived in Davao for a short visit. Fr. Tim is having a sabbatical year and we are delighted that he has come to our District.

Fr. Tim has been teaching for many years at the Gregorian University in Rome. He also teaches at Good Shepherd Seminary in Auckland, New Zealand. He has spent many years in the ministry of religious and seminary formation and, more recently, in the preparation of future seminary educators for the Universal Church.

While in the Philippines, he will have a chance to meet Marists, visit communities and the different ministries Marists are involved at. He will have a chance also to see his co-Kiwi confreres who are presently working and living in the Philippines.

Welcome Fr. Tim in our District. We hope that your time would be joyful and meaningful.

Maayong pag-abot!

Marist Fathers Renew their Priestly Commitment

10152449_598381343591269_6159593094682152541_nIt is a tradition of the Church that during the celebration of Chrism Mass on Holy Thursday, priests (diocean and religious) renew their priestly commitment in their service to God and his faithful.

Marist priests who live and work in the Diocese of Davao and Digos joined their respective bishops and brother priests in renewing their commitment to serve God and his people.

It is a meaningful and significant event in the life of priests remembering the generosity of Jesus sharing his priesthood to them as well as a reminder that this gift is a call to love and serve God’s people.

Pope Francis reminds priests that ‘they are anointed with the oil of joy to annoint with oil of joy.” He also calls everyone to pray always for all priests.

We the Marist Fathers of the District of Asia wish to thank God for sharing us the gift of priesthood. We also thank our Blessed Mother for sharing us to bear her most august name. We also thank all people who have been part of our life, those we have worked with and served in our different ministries here in Mindanao and Thailand.

Let us be priests forever for the sake of Christ and his people he gave his life for.

All blessings to all priests of the Lord.

Have a meaningful celebration of Paschal Triduum!!

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Marist Seminarians return from the Missions

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn 2012, Bro. Roque Rebito, sm and Bro. Nino Memorial, sm left for their 2 year pastoral year to Tonga and Ranong, Thailand. They have completed their pastoral year and had returned already in Davao.

On 2 April 2014, Bros. Roque and Nino were welcomed at the Marist Fathers District House in Davao city. In a simple liturgy, the returning missionaries shared how beautiful, humbling and challenging life in the missions was. In spite of the trials they encountered, they were able to manage themselves and learn to be matured and firmed in facing all the hurdles of the missions. Their experiences will certainly help them in their formation to be an effective and joyful Marist missionaries of the Church. There were grateful to all the people who have been part of their missionary life.

To remember the cultural connection they had with their respective countries of assignments, Bro. Roque wore the Tongan attire while Bro.Nino wore a Thai and Burmese dress. They also brought with them tokens and gifts they received from the missions.

Bros. Roque and Nino will continue their theological studies this June at the Redemptorist Theological Mission Institute.

Welcome back Bros. Roque and Bro. Nino. More blessings!