Marists in Davao celebrate Feast of the Holy Name of Mary!

DSC_0202 - Copy“Let them always bear in mind that they belong by a gracious choice to the family of the blessed Virgin Mary, mother of God, from whose name they are called Marists…”(Marist Fathers Cons #228).

Marists in the Philippines gathered together on 14 September in Davao to celebrate the feast of the Holy Name of Mary. Prior to the celebration, a 9-day novena was held to prepare for the fiesta with different Marist themes reflected in each mass. The Marist Family: priests, seminarians, brothers, sisters and lay associates participated. Significant number of children from Balay Pasilungan and Osmena Park attended the gathering also.

On 12 September, Archbishop Romulo Valles, DD, the Archbishop of Davao celebrated mass at Davao City Jail Chapel. He was very happy to be invited to say mass for the Marists and the inmates. He thanked the Marists for the work in the prison ministry and hint that he would be asked again to celebrate mass in the jail.

The theme of this year’s feast is Mary: the Woman of faith. The celebration coincides with the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross.

After the mass, some fun games were initiated as well as a simple entertainment where Marists presented their talents and skills. A lovely dinner ended the celebration.

We thank God and Mary for calling us to be Marists. We are truly blessed, humble, joyful and grateful to be one!

Let us make the whole world Marist! Happy feast day everyone!







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One thought on “Marists in Davao celebrate Feast of the Holy Name of Mary!

  • Wonderful to see our new postulants meeting up with the Marists in Davao already. I trust they’re not homesick! God Bless

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