Fr. Suni, SM visits Marists in Mindanao

Tongan Marist Fr. Suni Halapio, SM visits the Marists in Mindanao. He just finished his 3 month Sabbatical Course in EAPI (East Asian Pastoral Institute) in Manila, Philippines. Fr. Suni came to the Philippines in 2010 during the meeting of the MAP leaders in Davao. This is his 2nd visit to the island. Since his visit falls during the Holy week, he will be joining in some of the liturgical celebrations as well as meeting with other Marists living and working in Mindanao. He will return to Tonga for a short vacation and will be assigned in the island of Futuna.

We are happy to welcome to Fr. Suni here in the Philippines! Prayers and blessing in his new journey and mission.

One thought on “Fr. Suni, SM visits Marists in Mindanao

  • Malo Suni was happy to meet up with u again..Suni is special is a sense he was directing my retreat for my first profession n final profession a well as the main celebrant for my final..’ofa lahi atu eee

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