A Pilgrimage in Rome

IMG_4274Rome is the holy city for worldwide Christians just like Rome Forum for the tourists who are coming from over the world. Today more pilgrims from different parts of the world are visiting Rome every day. By the grace of God, I become one of them. Living and studying in Rome is a great gift from God, which I never expected for; it is a pilgrimage that is taking place first time in my life. In this pilgrimage God blesses me with so many surprises: second week of my arrival in Rome, I had a chance to attend Pope’s speech on catechism and I was standing so close to Pope that I touched his hands. I praised God with inexpressible excitement for this unexpected blessing. On second month in Rome, our community organized a pilgrimage to Assisi. For a week, we spent every day on prayer, contemplation and reflection.

Every Sunday morning I spend about 2 hours walking to Saint Peter’s Basilica and attend the Holy mass together with pilgrims who come from over the world. On the way walking to Saint Peter’s Basilica, I pass many churches that are standing beside the roads; I deeply feel how the early Christians and Saints who suffered from the persecution of Rome Emperor kept Christian faith growing through building up churches that are dedicated to the power of God.

I treasure every moment here in Rome. It is a remarkable period of my faith journey. I have seen more and more people are becoming attractive to the power of God and coming closer to God; living within Marist international community, I have experienced the grace of God bringing each diversity toward the goal of fulfilling the will of Heavenly Father.

John Guowang, Marist student studying Theology in Rome

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