Monthly Archives: February 2013

Fr. Pat’s visit in Ranong

Fr. Pat Devlin, sm is in Ranong, Thailand rightnow, visiting the Marist Community and Marist Mission Ranong (MMR) in the Thai-Burma border.

His presence there adds another color to the community. For the past few days, he led Frs. Kevin, Gil and Bro. Nino on their Lenten Recollection. Part also of his visit is to guide the community in their discussion about the implementation of the declarations and decisions of of the district chapter, in Ranong context.

I feel so supported and encouraged by the visit of Fr. Pat,” said Bro. Nino Memorial, who is in his pastoral placement now in Ranong.

The Marist community and the whole MMR are very grateful for the visit of Fr. Pat.

He is expected to leave Ranong within this week.