Fr. Pat’s visit in Ranong

Fr. Pat Devlin, sm is in Ranong, Thailand rightnow, visiting the Marist Community and Marist Mission Ranong (MMR) in the Thai-Burma border.

His presence there adds another color to the community. For the past few days, he led Frs. Kevin, Gil and Bro. Nino on their Lenten Recollection. Part also of his visit is to guide the community in their discussion about the implementation of the declarations and decisions of of the district chapter, in Ranong context.

I feel so supported and encouraged by the visit of Fr. Pat,” said Bro. Nino Memorial, who is in his pastoral placement now in Ranong.

The Marist community and the whole MMR are very grateful for the visit of Fr. Pat.

He is expected to leave Ranong within this week.

Finding a new home away from home in Tonga!

 DSCF0464 An old wisdom says “one cannot know how deep the river is unless he submerged himself into it.” There is no other way to know what missionary life is but to experience it.  I always want to be a missionary. I believe that is the reason why I join this little society. It is my dream to go to other places and meet new people, explore new things, experience other cultures but above all to discover the most essential thing in life: that God is present in every person regardless of cultures, colour and status in life.

My joys of being of a little missionary lie in the depths of my heart.  There is a purpose why I am here (100% conviction). I am enjoying my time in learning new things and in appreciating every experience that this new journey is giving me. The joy of being welcomed to another country with such warmth is incomparable with the little homesickness. My first months were a struggle but it taught me lessons especially how to situate myself outside the things that I am familiar with. The fear of unknown haunted me but it did not paralyse me rather it guided me how to find the light. One thing I am cherishing the most in this experience is the chance to see the movements of life. Sometimes life can be very complicated but if one is able to see it and feel he will realize how simple life is.

 I cannot really say how deep the river is at this time. I think it is better to say that I started submerging my body in the river and I believe that my experiences will help me to find my ways.

The name of the school where I am teaching is “Api fo’ou” which means “new home”. I am so happy that I found my home outside my home country.  Home is where your heart is. Certainly I found my new home here in the kingdom of Tonga.

                                                                                            Roque Rebito, SM, a Filipino Marist on Pastoral Year in Tonga

 2012-11-30 10.03.19  DSCF0495

 2012-08-07 11.04.39   DSCF0556

Filipino Marist ordained priest!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFilipino Marist Arnold Garferio, SM was ordained priest on 2 February 2013 by Archbishop Orlando Quevedo, OMI DD in Sto. Nino Shrine Parish, Midsayap, North Cotabato. His ordination coincided with the Church’s celebration of the World Day for Consecrated Life.

The celebration was witnessed by Fr. Arnold’s family and relatives, members of the Marist family, some religious congregations and many lay people. It was a beautiful and meaningful ceremony. In his homily, the Archbishop challenged Fr. Arnold to be a religious priest and prophet and ‘to imitate the mystery he celebrates in the Eucharist”.

On the following day, Fr. Arnold celebrated his Thanksgiving Mass in the same Parish. Before the end of the mass, Fr. Pat Devlin, SM, our District Superior thanked the people for giving Fr. Arnold to the SM and to the Church. He announced that Fr. Arnold will be assigned in Matti, Digos.

We wish Fr. Arnold blessing and prayers as he begins his priestly life and mission as Marist priest!