The Marist have been in the Philippines since 1982 and have ministered in a number of diocese in Mindanao since then.   In Cotabato (Lebak, Kalamansig, Tinmanan, Cotabato City), Kidapawan (Kabacan), Tagum (Diwalwal) and Bukidnon (Kalabugao)  At present we are establishing a new parish in Matti in the Diocese of Digos.  In Davao City we have our pre-novitiate formation, our District House, and give pastoral care in the City Jail and the Mental Hospital.

The Marist have been in Ranong, Thailand, since 2005 where we minister to displaced migrant workers from Myanmar, through various levels of education and assistance to those with HIV.

The Philippines and Thailand form our Asian District.  Marists are also working in 25 other countries outside of Asia.

555666_395926073789352_104261970_nWherever we Marists work, we try to live in the spirit of Mary, who was instrumental in the birth of Jesus in Nazareth and supporting the new Church at the time of Pentecost.  By working quietly and humbly like her we hope to be instruments of Divine Mercy so that Jesus grows in the hearts of people and the church will be truly apostolic.

We Marists, Priests and Brothers, strive to think, judge and act as Mary would.  We endeavour to make Mary present in Asia today by imitating her attitude of service and humility.  And we work in partnership with our Lay Marists and Marist Volunteers both in the Philippines and Thailand.  Together we form a family which bears Mary’s Name – Marist.

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